Any salesperson worth his metal knows the importance of prospecting leads and how to find them. Higher the quality of leads greater is the chance of their conversion. Therefore, every business needs to allocate proper funding and time towards finding their potential customers.


According to Hubspot, over 40% of the salespeople believe that prospecting leads is a tougher job than getting them converted into sales. Therefore every salesperson needs to be at the top of their game in order to generate high-quality leads in order to fill their pipelines.


Therefore, each business needs to have a proper plan in place for lead prospecting and pipeline filling as it is extremely important for long-term sustainability and viability of their businesses. After all, how long can you hit around the bush?


If you are a B2B business owner, pipeline filling becomes tougher and you need a more advanced and rigorous plan in place. However, the good news is, according to Forrester, Social selling can increase the chance of generating leads by 72%.


Being said that, in the upcoming article we present the 3 major tips and tricks that will help you double your pipeline and come out as a clear winner in the sales department.



1. Know your leads by leveraging the power of social media like LinkedIn


Professional social media website LinkedIn has already proven its metal for successfully generating B2B leads online for quite a while now.


Here are ways that can help you prospect leads and fill your pipeline using LinkedIn:


  • You can start by being a user of LinkedIn and let your profile be custom made that truly put forwards the agenda of your business.
  • Using advance tools like Inmail and Lead collection unleash further the power of LinkedIn and let it help you find the quality leads.
  • Join the worth-while groups and discussions, this will help you further market your product or service among the more relevant and convertible audience.
  • Keep following your potential leads for any changes. Also keep posting and let others follow the changes and advancements you are bringing.
  • You can read more about this in the article


As compared to other social media websites LinkedIn has emerged as a clear leader for lead generation and pipeline filling in the B2B world. It is a website to rely on. Google data shows that LinkedIn is more used on the weekdays as compared to its counterparts like Facebook which are more used during weekends. This further improves the authenticity of leads for B2B businesses. Following is a comparative graph that depicts the fact that LinkedIn is more successful for generating leads in the B2B environment.



Dedicate some time daily towards your LinkedIn profile and borne the higher results and find quality leads to fill up your pipeline.



2. Referrals always counts


Seek referrals every time you work or connect with a client. It’s human instinct to trust a company which is being referred to them. And so the likelihood of finding quality leads that can be easily converted multiplies. And so we say, Referrals always counts. You need to :


  • Build a strong and sound relationship with your client while working for them in order to get referrals.
  • Pay them back by providing a quality product and then don’t forget to ask them to pen down a review. A review should speak highly of the service provided by you so be smart while you are asking for a review and don’t shy away at all.
  • People are 4 times more likely to buy or opt for a service which is being referred to them. It’s simple human logic.
  • Ask your clients to further post their reviews, if possible, on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This will further empower your marketing strategy and fill up your pipeline faster.
  • You can ask them to fill out a referral form too.
  • You get what you give. So give a referral in order to get one.
  • Opting for a more rigorous program you can also give away a referral commission.
  • Be proactive. Let your clients know the services and products you provide pre-hand so that they would be able to able to refer you better.


Therefore if you are someone who is looking to expand your pipeline and further grow your business do not by any chance underestimate the power of referrals.



3. Find the best leads by manual data mining techniques


With the inception of thousands of data mining tools available in abundance today, manual data mining techniques may sound trivial to your ears. However, no tool can beat the accuracy of a real human logic till date.


Nevertheless, mining the data manually is not an easy task and asking your sales team to do it all by themselves can dampen their productivity to a great extent. They don’t have the right techniques as they will not be specialized in it. This will further increase the time and lessen their productivity.


So a logical and viable solution to this is outsourcing this job to a team which is dedicated and specialized in this arena. One such example is Bizprospex. Bizprospex offers manual data mining, data cleaning, data appending CRM Cleaning at a very competitive price tag.


You can find the accurate leads which are sorted according to the human logic that leads to higher conversion rates as compared to any other automated process.


Through techniques like web extraction and custom data list building, Bizprospex provides ~100% accurate and error-free data which in the long run saves a considerable amount of time and energy.


Also, the productivity of your sales team increases manifold if they have the contacts of accurate leads.


Hence we highly recommend manual data mining versus automated data mining. Consider Bizprospex if you have a manual data mining requirement. They have a team of dedicated individuals properly trained to mine out the useful and accurate data.


Atlast, applying all the above mentioned tricks you would be able to double your pipeline and generate more revenues for your business.

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