An important part of any business organization is maintaining a top-notch customer relationship to keep purchasing from your company. According to Edward Gothom, a UK-based business analyst, 


“25% to 40% of the total revenues of the most stable businesses come from returning customers. Repeat customers drive 3-7 times the revenue per visit as one-time buyers.”


As a matter of fact, organizations spend 10 times the amount they spend on selling to existing customers to gain new customers. So, in order to ensure that customers keep coming back, the pivotal step is to make sure that the customers receive the right message at the right time. This is where automated Emails come into play.


Depending on the type of email, sales representatives must customize it. A complex solution or an organization with a long sales journey tends to require the greatest degree of trust. In contrast to this, you can usually automate emails to help support the early stages of the sales process. These common sales scenarios require little or no customizing of the message.


Despite this, companies tend to send automated emails. For starters, switching to automation of Emails increases the productivity of the concerned team as it considerably decreases the manpower, and hence the time that goes behind composing the Emails manually. 


More often than not, these manually sent emails are prone to error, which is exactly why your company should switch and send automated emails. 


Here are 6 popular automated Email formats to turn your customer relationship up a notch:


1. ‘Welcome’ Acknowledgement Emails: 


It’s a great idea to send a ‘Welcome email’ to your new subscribers. Send it right away when someone signs up for your mailing list or newsletter to welcome them virtually, tell them what sort of content and products they can expect from you, and how frequently you will be able to communicate with them. 

  • The email is sent to contact persons who join your mailing list for the first time.
  • A company’s database has the customer’s and contacts’ growth lists which are filled up upon shortlisting the new subscribers obtained from the sign-up page from your website, or social media handles like Instagram or Facebook, which acts as a lead generation tool. Such emails are curated to get triggered when new contact signs up, and the company can henceforth send automated emails easily. 
  • A Welcome Email can be sent to different lists of contacts, or a company’s customer service team can use the same email for all purposes. 
  • It is important to remember that the welcome email will not be sent if you use the same list to send both the Welcome Email and Automated Email Series. In order to prevent multiple welcome emails from being sent to contacts, this is needed.
  • The theme of welcome emails is completely customizable with any new changes of the format and content you want. It can be edited or turned off at any point in time. 


2. Blog Subscription Mails:


Blogs give a business organization the chance to show off their expertise on product matters, services offered, and thought leadership. If a potential customer reads your articles, it’s good for your business. If you subscribe to receive your published content directly to your inbox, you can set up quick and easy notifications for new blog posts to send instantly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly. Subscribers can set the frequency of receiving blog posts by filling out a blog subscription form. 


Provide additional calls to action in the thank you email. Make sure to automatically thank them for signing up. You can automate the distribution of newly-curated content to your potential and regular customers so that it’s sent out automatically whenever new content is published. 


3. Notification Mails:


You don’t have to limit your lead company activity and propaganda to communicate with prospects and potential customers. Furthermore, they can help facilitate communication between you and your sales team. 


Often, sales teams send automated emails to stay up-to-date on the digital activities of their prospects. They should be informed when a prospect returns to your website, opens an email, and downloads the necessary content. It will enable the sales team to know not just who they should contact but when.


In the sales process, automating the repetitive and common elements will lead to higher productivity and efficiency. Your sales pipeline can be significantly enhanced by automation, and your leads can progress faster.       


4. Wishing Mails:


Emails for birthdays and anniversaries allow you to send monthly reminders of upcoming events, such as birthday coupons and membership renewals, rather than creating new emails ever. You can accomplish a lot by recognizing someone on their special day!


Those contacts whose birthdays or anniversaries fall on an annual calendar date receive an email automatically each year. When companies send automated emails like this, they can customize the same with their brand and content.


Until you choose to stop sending the email, the email is sent annually on the contact’s birthday or anniversary or any such important date. You can schedule it to send just before the birthday or anniversary date or up to two weeks beforehand. 


This concept of automated emails brims with a personal touch and is a powerful tool to enhance customer relationships. 


5. Bottom of the Funnel Mails:


Content at the bottom of the sales funnel is the particular type of marketing content that makes it easier for prospects, potential, and repeated customers to buy from your company. Content like this is often used by your sales team. This approach is more direct compared to the approach used with content that presents trust-building content.


Having prospects respond to a bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) offer is one of the main goals of all digital marketers. An example of a BOFU call-to-action (CTA) is requesting a sales consultation call, scheduling a sales presentation, or scheduling a product demo.


The recipient must receive an instantaneous response confirming that the message has been received. They may just move on to rival companies if they don’t hear back from the organization’s sales team soon. Offering them a calendar allows them to schedule the next step immediately and control the process.  


6. Resend Mails:


Many reasons contribute to contacts not opening your email – perhaps your subject line doesn’t appeal to them, or it arrived at a bad time. It’s possible to schedule an email to automatically resend to contacts who don’t open the original so that you don’t have to find out who does not open it.

  • Creating a brand new email or copying an existing one and tweaking the content are both options.
  • It is possible to choose whether or not to resend emails to non-openers from the schedule page. There will be an opportunity to change the subject line and specify when you want to resend it.
  • If any of the contacts on the original list did not open the email within the specified time frame, it is automatically sent to them again.
  • It is possible to prevent your email from resending before the date you choose.
  • It is possible to access both the original sender’s report and the resender’s report, allowing you to find out why you should segment your lists or create subject lines differently in the future.


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