Every time we speak of data, we somehow end up saying that data is the most potent asset on any organization, which is true. But there is more to it that never meets the eye.


If I were to say – you, me and everyone, we are nothing but small sets of data. Our whole lives, nothing but a collection of unparallel and inorganized sets of data stored in a server. Am I wrong in stating this?


I don’t think so, because metaphorically that’s what we are – data.


Our whole identity stored in different formats, related to each other.


Have you ever tried searching for your name in a search engine? To a common man, it may seem that what possible information can he or she find in the SERPs, but you’ll be astounded to see the results.


I can assure you that.


A picture you posted a decade ago. A review you gave to a company. A list of people with similar names, a profile on a social media platform, your dozens of digital accounts here and there and everything. Even critical information and valuable credentials that you have forgotten months back.


What is all that? Nothing but small bits and pieces of data, all about you.


Our data comprises the internet we use or should I say, the internet is nothing but data itself. Hypothetically there is no difference.


Companies provide data by mining the internet. Every organization has tons of data stored in their CRMs, and with time, it starts getting deteriorate.


The issue with data is that it is never static in nature, it will deteriorate if not update at regular intervals of time. You have to keep on digging the internet for new information, trends, patterns and changes to keep your data up to date.


Organizations majorly dealing in sales & marketing, healthcare, insurance sectors are very much dependent on data. Data can be helpful to them to drive sales, define goals, implementation of strategies and whatnot.


That’s what brings us to data mining.


Data mining is the process of digging out several types of data. For these companies and providing them in an organised and useful format. This process can be further divided into 2 categories –


Automated Data Mining


automated data mining


This is done by determining set patterns of mining and is done by a system working on a single algorithm and only detects trends, anomalies and patterns which it has been set up for. The problem lies with automated data mining is that it can only detect patterns and anomalies which it is predetermined to do and will not apply logic beyond that.

Many firms specialize in automated data mining services as they also have a different set of services to offer as well.


Manual Data Mining




The term itself suggests it is a process of data mining operated manually. It has its own process, but it is said to be more effective and impactful than automated data mining simply because of human intervention & logic.


Companies need data as per their needs & requirements. If they won’t be having any data who will thy cater to, in case if they try to generate data themselves it will take them a lot of time also it will be a tiresome process for them because clearly, it is not their work to do.


Data mining companies have only one single purpose to dig the right data and feed it to different organizations as per their taste & preferences.


Organizations live & breathe on data.


Data mining is not a single service it caters to other services like CRM data appending, email appending, data solution, address search, manual data mining and data scrubbing services. All of these services are meant for different applications and are of equal importance.




Customers can be said as the second most valuable asset of a company, a good customer or big client can be of infinite benefits to a company if addressed properly.

Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, your customer must be happy with you, which at most the times are not.


Why is that?


Most of the company do not have a simple way of attending their customers. The complexity of reaching to their own information, account and details annoy them to the bits. Many companies do not see it, but they have an exhausting way of addressing their customers.


Users have to go through a lot of security checks again & again and have to repeat the same process to reach their desired file.


It’s been observed customers have major issues with companies regarding complaints, technical assistance and support.


52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on feedback provided by their customers. – Microsoft.


Poor customer service was never entertained and it will never bring you any good as a company. In fact, statistics show that –  89% of consumers have switched to doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.


Poor customer service can bring down your goodwill down to the ground, as the customers feel neglected they will think that you only gave them importance at the time of business and now they do not matter to you anymore. This notion or ideology is a big no for you as a company.


Imagine if you call a customer service executive and he asks you to wait for minutes before replying, would you like that? Would you like it, if you have to repeat the same process again & again to reach out to your account? Would you like to wait for hours for customer service personnel to arrive after registering a complaint?


Of course not.


When we talk about B2B business, addressing your clients is mandatory. By this statement, I do not mean that it’s okay to provide poor customer services in B2C businesses but in B2B businesses, it is a commitment you make with your clients to provide the best of the services.

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