B2B is going through a demanding phase, with new trends in digital marketing, the brands are facing critical competition and need to get with the next evolution of tried & true tactics of marketing.


Brand marketers go through a nightmare every week with the thought of failing in their marketing strategies, with such a tight competition, it is hard to look for novel ideas and especially when the risk of loss runs parallel with it.


Amidst all these, there are still credible tactics which never fail in digital marketing, they are tried & true measures to certain and long-lasting benefits.


Let’s look at 5 such tactics –


Video Content


A decade ago, it took a lot of effort to simply upload a video, to watch it online was itself an exhausting story, but now it is vice versa, if not videos what else?


Videos are becoming popular every day. There is one thing that separates video content from blog content; can you guess what it is?


Let us take Youtube for an example, statistics reveal that 1.9 billion users are logged in to this platform along with a translation option of up to 80 languages.


This is how much we are surrounded rathered impacted by video content these days.


video marketing




Blog contents are long paragraphs with the same information and bland formats, videos, on the other hand, are a breath of fresh air to customers & users.


54% of customers demand more video content.


That’s more than half of the netizens already.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is the most interactive, innovative and easiest way to reach and speak to your target audience.


The best part about this campaign is that an influencer can be anyone.


You, yes, you as well.


An influencer with their unique content and style earn a huge fan following and engagement on social media platforms. They all have their fanbase, so it’s easy to cater and distinguish which particular set of audience you want to target.


influencer marketing graph



Before we dive deep into this, let’s take a moment to appreciate these influencers, it may look from the outside that all they do is create content by making funny gifs, memes, videos, mimicry and lipsync but to get to the top of the list they go through a lot of work and research to create entertaining and inviting content.


influencer,'s marketing graph


Social media can be very useful to make you a star but there is no such thing as an overnight success. To get that sort of fan following, likes, comments and engagement they do work a lot in their own niches.


This itself is a huge set of data collected through B2B lead generation and must be followed by CRM cleaning and data appending procedures to keep the data good enough to work upon.


Services like skip tracing can also be used to locate a particular influencer who has disappeared abruptly.


Once decided which influencers suits the best for the brands and product promotion, brands collaborate with these influencers to endorse their products and services, users trust these influencers and hence the conversion rate goes up north.


This process majorly goes on email so email cleaning is something you must keep in mind.


The revenue model differs from one influencer to another; they may do it for barter; they may do it for long-lasting relationships and future partnerships as well. Influencers with small but relevant networks are considered a priority in B2B.


Social Media Presence


Such a vast exposure to the market, it is still hard to believe that many companies only target 2 to 3 mainstream social media platforms. But here is the drill, you do something first, and you start a new league.


social media presence


A business was, is and will always be surrounded by a risk-taking factor, and you, as a company, need to overcome it. You need to see beyond the horizon. Isn’t this what we all are talking about, the next evolution?


Sometimes it’s better not to check up on your competition and do something of your own, its time your competitors follow you.


It is not just about being on every social media platform, it is about what they all have to offer us. Social media platforms are the newspapers, tabloids, televisions and arcade of the digital world, you just can’t deny them. Earlier people used to read and consume content from Newspapers, TVs, Radios but now they spend most of their time on social media platforms. So technically, you have to meet your target audience where they hang out.


Facebook is everywhere and has acquired almost every major social platform that stood in its way, to name a few Instagram and Whatsapp. This reflects the vision of Facebook regarding its future plans.



Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is one of the tried & true tactics to earn the right name for your websites. Guest blogging goes hand in hand with good content.


guest blogging


Connecting with high authority websites and writing blogs on relevant topics to attract users and potential customers to your website and brand in a tried and true tactic, which is very useful in the long run.


Though you will be provided with one to two dofollow backlinks in the content and of course a nofollow link, they both have their own importance in SEO strategies and it works majorly for the backend of the website. It gives you an excellent opportunity to write interactive & engaging content and drive more and more organic traffic to your website. Thus it may help in enhancing sales if done right.


Many websites may let you write and publish it for free, but generally, website owners ask for a price which can be negotiated.



Email Marketing


It is not a new practice but it is still very effective in businesses. Writing good emails with catchy subject lines and inviting offers do help in triggering the customers to buy your product and services.


We live in a time where more than half of the world population is on the internet every day, but let’s go back to the basics, all of this communication and started with one thing –  emails.


In today’s world, it is improbable to find a person without an email address. In corporate cultures, there is nothing to be taken seriously unless and until it is on an email. Just like that, emails exhibits the oldest and yet an effective way of communication.


I am not talking about spam emails or promotional junk, good email marketing is when you convey useful information to your customers, delighting them simultaneously.




Companies use email marketing as an effective marketing tool to promote their brands, reminders, notifications and much more in the form of newsletters & surveys and questionnaires.


When we speak about so much of data, a complete data solution service is required to make the CRM append,  data scrap and effective.


These 5 are the tried and true tactics in digital marketing, over time we have witnessed some minor & major changes in their functionalities & facilities, but I’m sure we going to see them a lot in the future.


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