Product Advisory

Our business intelligence enables us to be in sync with market trends, consumer behaviour, and latest in fashion

E-Commerce Product Advisory

Explore new market opportunities through your online store!

E-commerce store you run is much more than just an online selling point. If maintained and updated in a proper way it can bring you recognition & online presence among your customer building loyalty in turn.

B2Bprospex have the analytical approach that gives us insights into the evolving market trends; this also enables us to predict change in consumer behaviour and a shift in market demand.

Our analytics team research the target customers to gain a view of their needs and requirements which in turn help us to recommend specific products which will sell for sure. We even keep a close watch on prices of goods hence to advise you on appropriate pricing to maximise your profitability and sales.

Using our Product Advisory service you can rightly target your products to probable customers thus attracting more of them and generating higher revenues and profit!!



As your e-commerce implementation partner, we help you with:

  • Develop a Strategy: We assist you in design, customise and expand your E-commerce store with our SEO approach to maximise its performance.
  • Improve Sales and Marketing: Using our Product Advisory you can quickly optimise the marketing efforts thus improving customer engagement and quality of customer response.
  • Personalise and Internationalise: Design and tune new and improved channels for clients individually depending on their language and location to expand into new and unexplored markets and geographies.
  • Integrate Effectively: B2Bprospex assists you to integrate your online business with mobile and in-store commerce, CRM, customer service and other business-critical applications thus making your store user-friendly.
  • Drive Business Growth: Implementing a robust business strategy awards you with higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Increase Profitability: B2Bprospex help delivers your customers exactly what they want which in turn boosts up your profit margins.

Our offerings include:

  • Evolutive Maintenance: Our dedicated team of experts keep an eye on your store’s performance round the clock.
  • Flexible Services: B2Bprospex assists you in adapting to changing market demands & trends thus, in turn, reducing operational costs to a large extent.
  • Measurable Results: Our skilled experts are well versed to provide you guidance in enhancing marketing and sales efforts thus boosting your profitability and ROI ultimately.

Throughout the Customer Journey

B2Bprospex possess the necessary skill sets, and our team includes highly professional experts who will assist to optimise your online business in the right way. Working with you will give us a thorough understanding of your needs and applications/solutions required to fulfil them efficiently. We will ensure that your online store moves ahead on the path of sustainability and success. It’s our promise to keep your store on the top of your industry.

Maintaience & Monitoring  

B2Bprospex’s custom made maintenance & support will assure that your business never lags behind. We make sure to keep you ahead of the competition by making strategic enhancements, suggesting the necessary modifications or devising suitable plans hence maximising your revenues. We monitor your store’s performance without a lag along with maintaining high standards of your online business.

Expand the Reach of your Business

B2Bprospex have extensive experience with a variety of e-commerce solutions. We will assist you to launch your products and services internationally or locally without a need to alter your profitability. We will take care of your entire e-commerce ecosystem. No matter what area of e-commerce you want to focus upon, we are there to assist you with our skills.


B2Bprospex extends support to its clients 24×7. Be it an urgent need to design an online marketing campaign or any other crucial matter regarding your e-commerce business; we are ever-present to assist you with utmost care and enthusiasm.

It will be a pleasure delivering you delightful outsourcing experience at an affordable cost!!

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