Customers are the most integral part of any business as they decide the success or failure. It is the responsibility of the companies to make sure that they keep their customers satisfied. When a company has enough customers, it can reach newer heights of progress and better business opportunities. However, everything begins with collecting the customers’ contact information so that you can reach out to them. A major step towards this direction is email list building.


What Is Email Listing?


Email list building refers to a process where you collect email addresses from visitors and other users on your website to fuel communications into the future. You have to do this to build your database of subscribers and propel your business opportunities for the future.


B2B marketers consider email list building as a necessary catalyst for businesses. The data metrics state that 59% of the customers consider emails influential in determining their purchase behavior. Moreover, 80% of business professionals opt for email marketing to retain their customers.


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Now that you know what email list building is, let us discuss a few ways you can turn this into reality;


Top 8 Email List Building Tactics


Add A CTA In Every Landing Page Or Blog


A finding by Hubspot stated that personalized call-to-action results in 42% higher rates in submitting details after visiting a site. This data proves that CTA results in double the more b2b lead generation than the number of email subscribers you presently have.


People search for articles or blogs to find a solution to some of their problems. A CTA at the end of the blog lures them into subscribing for the hope of a stable solution. Make sure that your content meets the user’s specific requirements; otherwise, your CTA will be of no use.


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Apply A Slide-In Or Pop Up For Every Page On Your Site


You might feel pop-ups are boring and bothering the customers. Here we are talking about on-site advertisements and pop-up ads that will help your customer right into your bucket of subscribers. Make sure to provide such a pop-up only when the customer or prospect has spent enough time browsing through your website.


An initiative by Digital marketers towards providing pop-ups resulted in 2689 leads within a short span of two weeks, with the average website time increasing by 54%. Strategic pop-ups will always result in positive results via email subscribers.


Introduction Of Gamification


Gamification refers to a process within email list building that includes applying the interactive processes of playing games to boost the encouragement towards signing up forms. A few examples of gamification include surveys, tests, quizzes, scratchcards, or pop-ups.


This field of gamification often involves a lot of startling prizes like discount vouchers of 10 or 15% and other gift hampers that the customers can achieve by registering through their email addresses. The primary objective of gamification is to attract customers through their quotient of value. The very thoughts of discounts and prizes enthrall the customers who are happy about getting something for free. You can apply this technique to find how your email list grows by leaps and bounds.


Statistics show that 33% of the customers feel like continuing the marketing procedure and communicating with the brand regularly.


Implementing Some Humor Or Sarcasm In Your CTA


You would find a lot of landing pages and sites sporting CTAs for registering customers. Such CTAs often look boring and do not appeal to the customer. You should not follow the same line of monotonous boredom. Try to make your CTA look attractive by using some sarcastic lines. Use your best people to formulate a CTA line filled with lighthearted humor that makes the prospects smile while they subscribe to your email list.


Use Your Social Media Accounts And Email Signature To Promote Your Email Newsletters


You might think about various ways to boost your email list building and add more people to your network. Use your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Or Twitter to target your daily followers as well as the ones in your followers list.


You can link your email newsletters to your social media accounts so that the prospective customers among your followers can go forward to subscribing.


You might feel a little skeptical about using your social media to promote your newsletters. You can deal with this issue by linking your email newsletters to your email signature. This can also be an indirect link for your newsletters. Such a link can divert the customer to some landing page of your website that can have a CTA for further transfer to that email newsletter link.


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Creation Of More Landing Pages


Research by Hubspot revealed that companies found an increase of 55% in their b2b lead generation when they increased the landing pages from 10 to 15.


Personalized landing pages will help you communicate with the wider demographic appeal. When you increase the number of landing pages, you launch a more number of solutions. It will increase the horizon for your prospects to search for solutions concerning their individualistic problems.


Push Everyone To Opt For Signing Up


You would always want to place your CTAs in a strategic position across your landing pages and websites. When you have a newsletter revolving around one or two specific services your company provides, it will be easier to target people. The people who visit your website will have those specific concerns, and thus the chances of them signing up increase. You have to use statements and rhetorical questions to lure them into signing up with their email addresses.


Try Using A Scroll Box


The best way to convert prospects and visitors into subscribers is to push them when they are ready to convert. Find out the best times for communicating your CTA to your Visitors and customers depending on their website behavior. Scroll boxes at strategic positions will help you in this regard.


The above strategies are great ways to propel your email list building. There are various eCommerce data entry services or back-office support services like that offer email list building services to push your b2b lead generation to better heights.

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