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You run a moderate B2B business. You have a hoard of data jobs to be accomplished on time and with precision. Your Sales and Marketing teams are busy carrying-out their duties. Everything is moving smoothly. Then suddenly, your firm starts losing ROI. Your marketing costs have skyrocketed all at once; still, there is no improvement in your ROI. All of a sudden your Sales and Marketing employees seem to be busy handling the tasks not intended for them. They are spending the majority of their time hunting for, correcting and managing the data tasks, collectively known as Data Entry.


Do you know what is going wrong with your firm?


Data is the primary driving force behind any corporation in today’s world. Agreed. The more data any company possesses, the better are its chances to excel in overall growth. But with increasing in-flow of data from all the possible directions, the companies are drowning in the data-flood. And it’s not data alone, the efforts needed to handle and use this data is proving arduous increasingly.


The outcome is that these firms are lacking the time and resources for their core business and duties i.e. focusing on the growth of the organization. What could be the reason for it? Increased use of data or lacking resources and talent at firm’s end?


The Reason


Apparently, the only reason behind such a situation is ever-growing back-office operations. The tasks that are not intended for your staff are keeping them busy. As a result, they are losing their focus on their principal duties. Back-office operations are imminent when a business grows, but it should not disorient your staff from their sole motive of Sales and Marketing or any other role they might have. But back-office operations can’t be ignored either. Hence the best solution is to outsource, also known as Off-Shoring, such pesky little but necessary to accomplish tasks to professionals with the calibre to perform such duties on a daily basis.



Back-Office Operations


Outsourcing Back-Office Operations

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Back-office operations are obviously the backbone of any enterprise. They are no less important than your core business. But performing them in-house requires you to build, manage & maintain an entire team of dedicated workers. The call of today’s modern world is to outsource these tasks to professionals who possess expertise and vigour & are passionate to perform the so-called jobs. It will not only save you time and efforts to maintain the team but will also allow you to concentrate primarily on your core business.



Data Entry Operations


Outsourcing Data Entry Services

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Today’s business industry is all about data. The data volume keeps on growing day by day, ultimately making it quite impossible to handle. Badly managed data can cause your customers to be unsatisfied ultimately impacting your organization’s revenue and ROI!! Managing all your paperwork and data in-house counts up to 6% to 15% of your company’s total revenue! Hence, it is advisable to outsource/off-load this burden to professionals who excel in performing these jobs.


An expert Data Entry service provides fast yet efficient online & offline Data Entry/paper archiving services along with list creation/management tasks. Their staff can provide Data Entry service with high speed and accuracy. Hence, relieving you of such time-consuming tasks. Data input can come in various formats including paper documents, document images, old handwritten databases and our digitized output format can be any of your choices, including, but not limited to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, XML. The output will be a neat & organized, well-structured digital file curated specifically as per your recommendations.


Outsourcing (off-shoring) benefits


While evaluating choices for outsourcing different aspects of your business, you should keep in mind that it will surely bring cost savings as well as time savings. Both these factors have the prime importance if you want to grow your business. Other than these two most significant benefits there are numerous other advantages which are not visible quite suddenly but play a major role in the long run. Following are some of the most prominent benefits of outsourcing your tedious office work-


1. Focus on core business activities


When your firm grows, the back-office operations are also imminent to raise. With this sudden increase of work load, your staff will lose focus on their core duties. It will lead to a deceleration in quality you intend on providing to your clients. Further, it leads to jumble-up of primary business activities with time and resources consuming yet essential back-office operations.


In the long run, it harms your business in a bad way. The wisest move any company can make in such condition is to outsource the back-office operations to skilled professionals. It will not only save you on resources but reduce the added work load from your staff. The resultant would be the focused attention on their respective business duties.


2. Cost and time savings


Once outsourced, the reduced workload enables your staff to perform their functions with enhanced vigour. It ultimately saves you on money as well as time. You can use these valuable resources to grow the business exponentially. Outsourcing tedious and resources hungry tasks to experienced professionals reward you with cost and money savings.


3. Enhanced efficiency


As the professionals who handle your outsourced jobs are used to perform these tasks on a daily basis, they have higher efficiency. The greater efficiency and accuracy ultimately benefits you in growing your business. When your business grows, the back-office tasks are sure to increase. But with the assistance of skilled back-office outsourcing staff, you can rest assured of the growing burden.


4. Reduced overhead and staffing


Trying to perform back-office and Data Entry jobs in-house proves fatal for your business growth. The first and foremost requirement for it is to manage the infrastructure and staff. It is a tough deal to find skilled staff as well as to invest in their training. Staff-hiring and training are quite a time and resources hungry activity. It also demands your attention on every step to guarantee sound output.


You can utilize all these costs and resources in more exemplary aspects of your business when you hire the professionals.



B2BProspex; your one-stop-solution


B2BProspex, a Back-office and Data Entry assistant, has six years of breakthrough track-record of assisting companies with outsourcing services. We have a team of 30 full-time professionals working to help you achieve your business goals. Our experts take-off the burden from you by going through all the tedious and hectic business tasks.


B2BProspex enables you to focus and concentrate on your business. We have been providing our services to businesses globally for six years, and it allowed us to understand your business needs. Be it Back-office Support, Data Entry, eCommerce Support or Email List building B2BProspex has the calibre and skill to handle everything business. We have 250+ satisfied clients, and many of them are return customers. Try B2BProspex once, and we will never let you down.


Have a look at our team of experts by following this link.


You can test our services for free using our ‘10 hour free trial’ policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the job, there is no obligation to hire us.


We do have 120% Money Back Guarantee, a one of its kind offer. If for any reason you don’t like our work we will refund the money you have paid us, along with 20% additional, for all the hassle and time you might lose because of us!!


B2BProspex is a sub-division of BizProspex (pioneer of Manual Data/CRM Cleaning services). You can have better insight into our services, expertise at what we do and business-ethics by visiting the following links-



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2. Data Entry Services
3. eCommerce Support
4. List-Building Services
5. Data/CRM Cleaning Services at BizProspex
6. Data Mining Services at BizProspex
7. Lead Generation Services at BizProspex



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