Back Office Services

B2B Prospex provide high quality and cost-effective Back Office Services for the organization to boost business revenue.

Back Office Operations

Back-office operations are the fundamental backbone of any organization. They are equally important as your core operations. But having a fully-functional and in-house back office requires time and effort while maintaining a whole team of dedicated workers. Outsource your back office operations from professionals who possess the requisite expertise and vigor, B2BProspex is the leading back office service provider for all the resource-hungry back office tasks at affordable rates in the market.

Our Services

Data Mining

Data mining is tedious yet a fundamental & imminent process for any company’s smooth operation. Hence it is advisable to outsource this time-consuming task to a qualified & professional firm. B2Bprospex offers a comprehensive service of data with its skilled team of experts. Data mining helps effectively execute all operations

Data Appending

Your current database requires frequent and regular checks and appending operations. With a consistently dynamic world, your data gets outdated faster than you can imagine which calls for data appending service by skilled professionals so that your database is most productive at all times.

Internet Research

We offer Internet Research services to keep you well informed of the rapidly changing world and to design future business plans accordingly. We accomplish it using various trustworthy online resources and our proprietary tricks so that you possess the most relevant info about the market as well as your prospects.

Affordable Back Office Support – B2BProspex

Back office operations are imminent when you own business but performing them yourself is quite tedious and time & resource consuming. The best option is to outsource them to skilled professionals so that you and your team can focus primarily on your core business. Performing back office operations is core business for us, and we have highly qualified team of data-veterans to cater to your needs.

Hiring us, you will enjoy the benefit of cutting costs of hiring and maintaining staff and infrastructure for all your tedious and time-consuming back-office activities. Our skilled experts will handle all your burden, allowing you to save up to 70% of total expenses of getting these jobs done in-house!!

Along with financial benefits, you will enjoy time-saving as all the odd back office operations will be taken care of by us. Time is money for any organisation, and when you are saving it, you will ultimately have much more time to concentrate on your core business.

We have five years of unparalleled expertise in providing Back Office and KPO services to a wide range of industries. Our skilled staff is ready to tackle all the business-related issues for you.

As far as customer relationship is concerned, we are well known for our vigour to handle it precisely in a timely fashion. Our skills will relieve you from all the arduous work hence allowing you to focus primarily on the job at hand.

It will be a pleasure delivering you a delightful outsourcing experience at an affordable cost!!

Why trust B2BProspex?

Many companies these days have realized that front-office employees can be twice as productive if they are supported by an efficiently run back office. Outsourcing back office services can help you focus on core operations, get the job done by professionals in the field, and reduce costs on staffing which helps improve business performance and revenue. With our back office outsourcing solutions, you can get the experts working for you. We focus on meeting your capacity, time, and quality goals.


What is Back Office Outsourcing?

A good back office is a prerequisite for the smooth and efficient running of your business, but many businesses can struggle with the effort of maintaining it. Due to limited resources and staffing, or excessive time consumption. Employing a back office service provider for all the accounting, data management, technical support, and various other such services will help cut costs and mitigate risks. 

When were your data lists last updated?
Our team experts give an equal level of service standards for every client. We give the highest priority to the accuracy, safety, and security of the work delegated to us.
What are your service standards for accuracy and security?

Our team experts give an equal level of service standards for every client. We give the highest priority to the accuracy, safety, and security of the work delegated to us.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing creates opportunities for growth through more focus on core business functions, lower costs, versatile resource management, and boosts in productivity.

Is your data downloadable in Excel files?
Yes, our data is available to download in Excel files, .cvs files, and .txt files.
How is the completed work delivered to the Client?

The task done is conveyed back to the client according to the predetermined term and condition between the customer and our team that has been agreed upon and are exchanged through secured methods of email.

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